Overview of the Art Gush Guerrilla Entrepreneurship Course Series

First things first. The latest and final Art Gush web learning installment of its 7 part Guerrilla Entrepreneurship series for creatives, has launched. It gives an OVERVIEW of the episodes thus far designed to equip artists with the knowledge they need to take on their art as a business. The next Art Gush undertaking will be a sequence of courses for the popular topic of “How to make “M” as an Artist.”

One of the big challenges that emerging or even established artists face is the “M” word. For some artists this word is unbearable and they have the belief that you are less of a creative person if you pursue “M.” That’s what the ArtisticPreneur Project is all about. Dispelling this myth by helping artists to not only promote their creative careers but also to even monetize their art online including uploading their self published music, eBooks, movies and so forth.

NYC Create, which is at the moment the official blog for the development of the ArtisticPreneur Project, looks at the issues of the “M” word in an interesting way.

The key of course is to build your audience so you have fans and clients who want to purchase your work on the internet. The ArtististicPreneur Project provides guidance in this area through its weekly ArtisticPreneur Newsletter that empowers you with audience building strategies. And since the ArtisticPreneur Newsletter works in conjunction with the online education site Art Gush (known for their 3 steps a day method), the free newsletter content provides bullet points of daily steps to take to achieve your ArtisticPreneur marketing goals.

More Steps for Artists

A publication that is providing more steps for artists is Lights Camera Read. In a recent article by this online magazine and organization, there was a call for more interaction from the thousands of readers.

The idea is that Lights Camera Read is going through an upgrade period and the feedback from its audience is very important.

If you are a fan of Lights Camera Read Media Education programs, be sure to put in your two cents about their internet marketing mini tutorials, Platinum Pias, Art Gush and “Thrillumentary.”

Thrillumentary Artist Steps are from Art Gush

It probably doesn’t come as that big of a surprise to most of you that the “artist steps” with which the web series “Thrillumentary” is being made, are from Art Gush. Art Gush, also known as the “Art Gush Method of Digital Filmmaking,” is the three-steps-a-day system that empowers the user to make a web series or in this case pilot. John Yianni Stamas wrote an article for the Thrillumentary blog, in which he talks about the challenges of the Art Gush Method. He doesn’t single it out by name, but he admits it takes patience, tenacity and support to keep going down the artistic path.