“USA How To” is a New Website that can be Used by Artists

USA How To Website Takes Flight

The recent introduction of the website USA How To has introduced marketing resources that although designed for small businesses, can also work for entrepreneurial artists or ArtisticPreneurs. The ArtisticPreneur family consists of elements that can help those using these components the opportunity to build their creative business.

The Nuance of Creativity

The USAhowto.com site has an interesting take on marketing, seeing it as something that needs to be intuitive. Although there is a page of specific marketing tools, the website itself is more subtle and nuanced when it comes to the promotion arts.

The Big Apple Awards

Also in the news is that although the National Magic Day Awards will be replacing them, The Big Apple Awards will continue to be a category.


Yianni Stamas Explores the Question: “How Do I Build if I Am an ArtisticPreneur?”

Know the Definition

Yianni Stamas asks the question “What is an ArtisticPreneur and what is its the defining factor?” He goes on to describe that the word entrepreneur comes from the French word “to undertake.” No, not a grave-digging undertaker, but a person who undertakes risk and initiative with the end goal of financial profit.

Money is Not the Primary Motive

ArtisticPreneurs are risk takers, not only because they take risks toward the goal of making financial profit, but also with their art itself. Making money is not the primary motivation for ArtisticPreneurs who hold on tightly to their desire to succeed as Performing Artists and other kinds of artists.

Create Something that Lasts Beyond You

Stamas goes on further to say that another defining factor of being an ArtisticPreneur is, is that ArtisticPreneurs are working toward achieving something on a business level that is its own entity and could ultimately be run without the ArtistiPreneur’s direct participation. In other words the ArtisticPreneur wants to create and artistic institution that can be run by someone delegated the undertaking, not depending on the ArtisticPreneur. This is kind of our goal with the Big Apple Awards as well as Bigfoot Zombie. The Big Apple Awards has now merged with the Platinum PIAs Awards and the cast of Bigfoot Zombie is evolving with guest spots filled by folks like the Stamas Bros.

Set Up Goals

ArtisticPreneurs generally rely quite heavily on the digital domain, most likely because this is a way to make their art to be known. Also, as mentioned, they are trying to create something that is bigger than they are. This is the key difference between an ArtisticPreneur and a freelancer. A freelancer is generally not concerned with building a business but whose goal is to get the next job as relates to their art form.

Build Something

Freelancers carry many of the same characteristics as ArtistiPreneurs but they aren’t building something that will eventually make a profit while they sleep, take a vacation, or leave for the day.

Taking Steps

So, what can you do to become an ArtisticPrneur? What are the STEPS toward becoming one? Because of the many types of ArtisticPreneurs, there are many different paths you can take. For example, the owner of a theater company wouldn’t take the exact same path as someone who owns an orchestra. But there are some similar steps all of them should take.

Here are some Artist Steps:

Step 1: Find Your Industry or Niche
Step 2: Research Your Market
Step 3: Educate Yourself
Step 4: Build Your Business Slowly Seeking Your Path

Looking at your own experiences in the world of artistic expression is a good place to seek out your path in terms of finding your industry or niche.

Creating an Organization

You should also research your market because you want to make sure that what you are creating as an ArtisticPreneur fills a need. You must pursue something that fills a need for others artistically to help ensure that you will be developing an organization that can survive without you.

Become Business

After you do the step of creating a business that fills a need you want to start to educate yourself as an artisticpreneur. Chances are that looking at your company through the lens of a business person is not something you may have embraced before. Therefore you want to become business savvy.

A Path of Lessons

And finally, building your business slowly is something you’ll want to do. Learning new things does not mean that you jump head on in without knowing how to swim. It is giving yourself the lessons you need take to develop your artisticpreneurial business.

Do Artists Need Steps?

Ironically We Aren’t All About Steps

Sometimes we get asked why we don’t have more steps here at ArtistSteps.org. The reason is that navigating your artistic career many times can’t be broken into steps because much success is had with using your intuition and having follow through. This means navigating like an ArtisticPreneur.

The Path Takes Twists and Turns

If you want to develop your artistic skill then it is important to explore all aspects of your art form including its business model and try to think outside of the box to be able to make a path for yourself that is not treaded on as much making it a way to travel to success. It means not having to win awards like The Big Apple Awards in order to feel good about yourself.

Showing and Proving Your Creativity

And regardless if you are in the “fine art” world, or the visual domain or even the performing realm, you need to get examples of your work that are impressive so that you can show it to gatekeepers. For a fine artist it could be a portfolio of images of work whereas the visual artist like a filmmaker needs to have films to show – even short ones.

Does Everyone in All Artistic Fields Need a Portfolio?

And of course the performing artist needs a video portfolio of the work they have done. It is very difficult to move forward if you can’t show you were involved with major entities and it becomes the catch 22 thing of trying to put the cart before the horse or the horse after the cart? Bottom line, you need to think like an ArtisticPreneur.

Having an Understanding of Craft is Generally a Good Thing

Hard work and planning is key. But be smart about how you plan your path to success. Always be developing your skills both for your art as well as for the business side of what you do. Because before you can become successful in your art you have to hone your craft.

Drive and People Skills

But even more important than that you need to have drive and people skills. This doesn’t mean that introverts can’s be successful, but the stronger you are at networking the better your results will be.

Can Introverts Succeed?

Get in touch with your artistic side. Find a haven you can unwind in. Find your artistic voice and learn how to run your artistic career as a business.

Broadcast Your Success

Do you want to be a full time ArtisticPreneur? Of course you do. And this means not dropping the business side of what you do just because you are making someone headway. It is times when you have successes that you need to broadcast them to your network and to gatekeepers.

Is Success Possible for You?

What is the difference between a full time artist and a part time one? It is really a conscious choice and having the courage to put your art first. Also, you need to have a deeply routed sense of self and belief that success is possible for you.

Keep Climbing and Never Stop

Artists of all kinds at the most basic level don’t make much money which is why you want to keep climbing even if you are bringing in enough to survive on. Go up the next level and the stock in your work will go up also. You can really make your mark with this strategy.

Getting Through the Door

People sometimes wonder if they need to go to school to become an artist be it fine, visual or performing. It depends on who you are. If you are ultra confident and are a master networker then the actually quality of your art is not as important because you will get through the door. What if You’ve Already Gone Through Door #1?

Up the Hill

But once you are through that first door you must keep getting better and better at your art or you will eventually fall down the hill back to where you started. And then you really will need steps. So stay on the path toward winning awards like The Big Apple Awards.

New Marketing Tactic Introduced

This fun marketing approach was recently used on an older crowd and everyone won! This is what communication should always do if possible.

New Targeting Method Discovered

We’re always on the look out for marketing strategies that have actionable steps and we’ve found an interesting one at ArtisticPreneur.

Communication and Solutions

What we liked about the marketing approach of ArtisticPreneur is that everyone won in the scenario, including those doing the targeting as well as those being targeted. Because in the end, that’s marketing really is: communication. Trying to connect a communication campaign to those who need the solution being promoted. Also, when communication is in play (especially with making a difference) this could lead to Big Apple Awards nominations for some!

Connecting Through an Event

Another thing that was interesting about the tactic examined at ArtisticPreneur was that it involved a public event. The marketer does not necessarily need to attend the event in order to connect with the exhibitors who are the prospects.

Emails Win

And a fun aspect is that good ole emails are the mode of choice. Social does not work well with this approach but with some effort could likely be tailored to it.

And of Course Transparency

Additionally transparency is definitely happening throughout. The marketer lets the prospect know from the very beginning that the letter being sent to her or him is also published online and a link is given.

Providing Value

A big way that communication is brought in is through encouraging the prospect to give a story in order to gain publicity. Although it is not its intent, those nominated for Big Apple Awards get promotional benefits also. So the prospect is motivated right away because they want to promote their business and are offered a means of doing it that costs them nothing and is of value! ArtisticPreneur.com is known to have used this tactic and have had much success doing so.

Editorial Placement

This tactic is especially useful to those who already have an active blog, because part of the approach is offering editorial placement in a post of the blog.

Which AWARDS Show Should the AWARD Go to?

Caught in the Middle

Somehow we’ve gotten ourselves into the position of acting as the go-between for three entities which are USAcreate.com Awards, the Platinum PIAs Awards and the Big Apple Awards. Or maybe another way to put this, is that I have been asked by the Platinum PIAs Awards to work it out between the USAcreate.com Awards and the Big Apple Awards. Before I lose you for good, please be patient. It is a very unusual situation.

What Should the Name Be?

You see, since 2010 the Platinum PIAs Awards have recognized small businesses and artists of all kinds who were making a difference in their communities. And then in 2019, after a decade of the awards show being known as the Platinum PIAs or even just PIAs, they decided it was time for a new chapter and a name change. The first name change idea mentioned was the Big Apple Awards. Whereupon USAcreate.com, the principals in the organization having helped out the PIAs over the years, suggested that a accurate name would be the USAcreate.com Awards.

Since 2010

And just when the awards were going to officially become the USAcreate.com Awards, including even the announcement on the Platinum PIAs site, the folks who were pro “Big Apple Awards” jumped in and made the point that their moniker was a better choice for the awards because most of the awards were given to those who resided in “The Big Apple.” The Big Apple is a name for Manhattan, NY, USA. Big Apple contenders further pointed out that USAcreate.com didn’t even have a website for their proposed “awards identity” and only had a page on their site which was hard to find.

What Do YOU Think?

If this was up to you, who would you pick as the company to have the awards mantle passed to? Would it be USAcreate.com or BigAppleAwards.com? Please let us know!

Celebify Yourself

Is Being “Known” for You?

Why not do it? You’ve thought about it. Why not take the big leap to the start of the path that leads you, eventually down the line (could take years), to become famous or at least notorious.

Don’t Do it if You Don’t Want it

We’re just kidding of course. We wouldn’t want to wish unwanted attention on anybody. Read the article here and decide for yourself what you want to do.

Art Gush Article is Good for Those Desiring to be Public Figures

Of course it will take time, but you have to start somewhere. Here is as good as any method. Good luck!

Share Your Creative Process

I read a blog entry today that you might be interested in. It’s on the ArtisticPreneur website. Essentially, the entry is saying that if a person has a willingness to be vulnerable authentically in what they do, that others will be interested. I think that is very true. In this day and age especially, authentic behavior is prized. The author went on to say that if you reveal not only your emotion but also your creativity it is a terrific combination. The through-line seemed to be that if you’re just you and have a career in the arts, you have a better chance at succeeding. Check out the post here.

10 Artist Steps to Become a YouTuber

How to be Successful as an Artist of Any Kind
Regardless of the art form you practice as an artist, YouTube can be a useful way to help promote your creative career or business.

It seems like almost every day that we here at Artist Steps get the question “what are the best steps to become successful as an artist?” The inherent difficulty here is that the term “artist” can mean any art form. And each art form has its own unique steps to take to become successful. Therefore there is not a one size fits all solution. That is unless you use YouTube. Becoming a YouTuber can help you with your artistic career regardless of the kind of artist you are. Why? Because YouTube is a marketing solution unto its own and is based on self promotion which is the keystone for any creative person who wants to build visibility and earn at the same time. Here now are 10 Artist Steps to Becoming a YouTuber.

1. LEARN FROM YOU TUBE’S OWN STORY. Did you know that YouTube when it was first created wasn’t making any money for quite some time? It wasn’t until it had enough users to monetize the audience these YouTubers had built? Here’s how you can apply the same principle that YouTube used which is to build up your audience. Why is it important to have an audience? Because your value is dependent on the size of your fans.

2. START WITH CREATING GREAT CONTENT. This means that your goal should be to fill your YouTube channel with high quality videos. The good word will spread around and you will be heard by others who potentially will become your fans.

3. BE SURE TO UTILIZE ALL KEYWORD OPPORTUNITIES. Remember Google owns YouTube. So if you want to be found on this search engine then you’re going to want to type text into your video that relates to your art form or expertise or the content of the video. Google will find this text and rank you. Because YouTube is constantly changing their back end format, we are not going to tell you how to do this because possibly by the time you read this it will have all changed.

4. ALWAYS BE YOURSELF ON CAMERA. The idea is that the more intimate you get with your viewers in terms of revealing aspects of your life, the more they will feel like they know you. These are the folks who will become your fans. Be sure to come up with a name for them which relates to your art form or expertise. They will identify with the name if you continually use it when referring to them. This is also a way to build your fandom.

5. CONSIDER THE POSSIBILITY OF NOT BEING ON CAMERA. Are you a bit shy and not the type of person who wants to be on camera? That’s fine. An alternative is to use software like Camtasia to record and show your viewers what is on your computer screen. This is especially useful if you are teaching your audience about something that you can demonstrate using your computer. But even if you are simply showing people your work on your computer, this can work as well.

6. YOU WILL WANT TO SET A SCHEDULE. Whether your program is daily, weekly or even monthly, you’ll want to get into the groove with a schedule. This ensures that you continue to create great content on a regular basis and therefore become more likely to rank with search engines and YouTube’s listings.

7. CREATE VALUE FOR YOUR FANS. Whether you teach something or are just entertaining while living out your life story, remember that the reason people will watch you is because they find some value and meaning in what you do. Meaning and effort interweave with themselves. A person needs to decide if putting in the EFFORT is worth being exposed to your show which should have MEANING to them. Your job is to reel them in.

8. DON’T DO IT TOTALLY ON YOUR OWN. This means that you have few people from whom you can get helpful feedback. If your show format is about revealing your life to the viewers you might even make some online friends in the process, these people can then provide you feedback as well are ambassadors for your brand.

9. THINK ABOUT BUILDING YOUR BRAND. In the end YOU are a brand. Everything you do or say is a part of that brand. What is a brand? It is the sum total of all the things about you that are interconnected in some way such that you become memorable.

10. USE YOUR SOCIAL MEDIA TO CONNECT PEOPLE TO YOUR YOUTUBE CHANNEL. If done correctly social media can be a great way to build your audience. But remember social media involves one of the words in its name: SOCIAL. So you have to be careful about how you promote your program. One way to keep building your audience is to find the connections between your YouTube videos and those who you communicate with socially online. Point out to them the connections your show has to them and they possibly will become fans and supports of what you do.

How to Become an ArtisticPreneur in 12 Steps

The online world can be a wonderful place to work. If you are interested in starting an ArtisticPreneurial business you might find the following helpful.

Coming Up with the 12 Steps to Becoming an ArtisticPreneur

The artist steps we came up with last time in conjunction with becoming more successful as an ArtisticPreneur went well, so we at ArtisticPreneur.com were asked by ArtistSteps.org to work with them again. This time they requested that we now come up with something a little different. We’re once more focusing on becoming successful as an ArtisticPreneur, but this round it’s starting from even further back. We are now about to present the 12 steps it takes from just having an idea to actually launching your ArtisticPreneurial business!”

The Challenging World We Live In

Not to start on a downer, but more and more we are living in an era in which that job that we thought was waiting for us when we got out of school, just plain doesn’t exist. Nor is the classic entrepreneur role for everyone because of fears of it being a dog eat dog world out there.

The “Being an Artist” Stigma

Additionally we are creative at the art form we do. Maybe even talented?! So what’s a starving artist to do? Maybe the 12 steps on the path to becoming an AritisticPreneur are for you?! Read on! The following 12 steps are the ones that we’ve taken before launching our various successful ArtisticPreneurial business.

1. BELIEVE IN YOURSELF: First and foremost you need to BELIEVE. Believe in yourself. Not through mantras. Not through psychotherapy. Not by being hypnotized and certainly not through crystals or yoga camp. Or rather, maybe all these things but no dependent on one thing more than the other. The point we’re making is that you must be able to picture you end goal clearly and believe that it is achievable.

2. CHOOSE YOUR BUSINESS: Next is identifying what kind of business you are going to do and how it relates to your art. An example we’ve seen is someone who wants to be an actor could start a business of actor services of some kind. Maybe shooting headshots or editing demo reels or even teaching acting. You get the idea. Do this for your art form.

3. REFINE YOUR BUSINESS CHOICE: Now is the second look at the business you want to start. Make certain that it matches your existing skill set. What have you been hired to do in the past? What skill do your friends sometimes depend on you for? What is a big problem in your industry you can solve?

4. FURTHER REFINE YOUR BUSINESS CHOICE: If your business fits all these descriptions then continue. If not, then keep coming up with creative entrepreneurial ideas until you do. Remember, you’re aspiring to be an ARTISTICPRENEUR so think with both your artist persona as well as your business one. To further refine your idea, think about businesses you like and admire? What are their products and services? What makes them successful.

5. CLARIFY FOR YOURSELF WHO YOUR AUDIENCE IS: Now that you’re clear on your creative business idea, begin to think about WHO your customer, client or fan is. Are you your own marketing prospect? Meaning, are you looking for customers people who are like you? This can be an advantage if you approach it as objectively as possible. But bottom line is, you need to have a concrete idea of who your customer is. Sometimes this can change your business idea as you realize that the customer your think you can reach may not be a fit with your original business concept.

6. SOLVE A PROBLEM: Go back to the idea of solving a problem and make a list of services or products that you could create to solve that problem. This can actually be fun. Make certain that your ideas will CREATE VALUE for your future customers. Think in terms of always giving them more quality for their dollar than others do. Thinks can mean better customer service and even a better “mousetrap” as the saying goes.

7. CREATE YOUR BUSINESS PLAN: Now you need to create your “business plan.” This doesn’t have to be some kind of a fancy thing, but you do need to start thinking about how many customers at what price you will have to serve to make a living with your artsticpreneurial undertaking. Compare how much you think you can make versus your actual living expenses.

8. ANALYZE YOUR BUSINESS: Don’t jump into marketing yet. First consider if this is a time to maybe downsize so that your living expenses are closer to what your projections are (the amount of money you think you can make). Remember business planning improves your chances of success. And you shouldn’t take any action on marketing things such as a website before you understand how much money you can make versus your living expenses needs. Think in terms of how many clients will you need at what price and how do you retain them as customers?

9. ASK YOURSELF IF YOU’RE UP TO THE CHALLENGE: This goes back to the believe thing in the beginning. Are you going to be able to push through difficulties? You should also be a aware that when you are an ArtisticPreneur, your personal life and business life are often interconnected.

10. NETWORK: Continuing to nurture your belief in yourself and if you’re not too overly shy, force yourself to get out there and network. If you’re someone who is not prone to being able to do such a thing, be selective of the people you will be contacting. If you try to connect with people who share an interest and passion of yours – especially as relates to your ArtisticPreneurial business – you will have an easier time with this.

11. DEFINE YOUR COMMUNITY: Think of your community as being both online and off. Decide if your business needs an offline and in-person component to occur. This might require having a retail location or at least somewhere to provide the service. If you do not have the budget for this you might consider doing an online-only business and focusing on an online community.

12. BEGIN THE MARKETING PROCESS: Time to start using Digital Marketing to launch your ArtisticPreneurial business. If you have an online business needless to say you will need to focus your marketing efforts on the web. Go back to your audience. How will you reach them? How will you convert them to customers?

In Conclusion

In conclusion you want to be sure to have a quality product or service as well as know who your customer is plus how to reach him or her. Digital Marketing can be useful, especially if you are able to do your business online. And since you’re an ArtisticPreneur you might consider visiting ArtisticPreneur.com which has resources for ArtisticPreneurs just like you!

The Steps to Take as an ArtisticPreneur to Become More Successful

Taking the steps to become an ArtisticPreneur can be the easy part, but knowing what the steps are – not so easy.

The mission of ArtistSteps.org is to provide you, the business owner or artist of any kind, with the Artist Steps you need to “Produce, Promote & Monetize Your Creativity” as an ArtisticPreneur. So today we’re going to do just that. We’re going to look at what various experts, ArtisticPreneurs, blogs and publications have to say about what they believe are the essential Artist Steps.

And of course we’re interested in what you believe are the steps an artist or business should take to achieve success. Feel free to leave us a message with your insights of the Artist Steps you’ve used in your own experience.

Steps, What are the Steps? The Search for BigFoot Zombie

Sometimes looking for the best steps to take for your creative career is as daunting as hunting for BigFoot Zombie.

The interesting thing is that depending on who you ask for the steps, you’ll get different answers. For example the folks at Artist’s Network believe that getting an art commission takes 5 steps. Of course getting an art commission is generally something that only “fine artists” are able to get, but even if you’re not a visual artist (or are a business), looking over the the Artist’s Network method can be useful.

The Musician’s Perspective of Artist Steps – The Hub

The individuals of “The Hub” of “Musician’s Friend” interestingly enough believe that there is the need for double the amount of 5, or 10 steps. These 10 steps are shown in relation to music artists, but regardless of your art form or business, you will likely find value in perusing these steps.

Even the “Huffington Post” Gets into the Act

Chances are you’ve heard of the “Huffington Post” but what you might not know is that they have their own “5 Steps to Success as an Artist.” Author of the post is Corey Ferrugia and he shares how he now earns his living full-time in music as an artist, social entrepreneur, and educator. He describes his relentless hard work and sacrifice more than he ever imagined it would be, but gives but makes it clear that expressing himself creatively and empowering others is something he enjoys very much. He also makes it known that his 5 steps can work for any artist.

Forbes Reveals the Artist’s Step-By-Step Guide To Making Money And Impact in Music

Yes, again we look at a series of steps intended for musicians that can be applied and used successfully by any artist or business. Danny Ross, who is a Forbes Contributor in Media & Entertainment, essentially provides 5 steps also, but they are different than the others we’ve shown thus far. Danny lays it out as (1) Getting looks and attention from the press so you can focus on your target audience. (2) Getting spins which is translating your PR momentum and fan enthusiasm into an ascending play count. To get all 5 steps check out the article.

Links to Life Hack’s 7 Steps To Becoming A Full-time Artist

Agnese Aljena discusses how research shows that far too many artists don’t earn a living from their art. They spend time in offices as secretaries, in construction companies as laborers and walk dogs for their neighbors. Sometimes, they climb the corporate ladder to become managers and partners, and then when they have enough money, they leave for early retirement and finally fulfill their dream of being a full-time artist. That is, if they are lucky enough to still have some time left to enjoy it! Aljena provides 7 steps to success.

Final Thoughts

All these experts have shown us actionable Artist Steps that can be taken to have a successful career in the arts and/or business. And yet, all of these Artist Steps differ in amount of steps and what the steps are. But this need not lead to confusion. We at ArtistSteps.org are choosing to look at all of these Artist Steps interpretations as food for thought and the affirmation that ultimately you can create your own steps in number of steps and content of steps. In otherwords, the steps that might work for one individual will not necessarily work for another individual. So make your own steps and ascend to the next level.

Also, if you’d like to share your own personal Artist Steps we’d love to hear from you. You can contact us through Lights Camera Read, the nonprofit sponsored organization that produces ArtistSteps.org and other blogs.