Our Step by Step Process Continues

The Continuation of Our Passion

We are very proud of the artists (visual and performing artists) who have successfully applied the steps provided in this website to grow their careers and businesses. We are in a challenging time, but you have kept on going with your creative dream, and while doing so have made a difference in your communities all across this great nation of ours!

Welcome to the Revolution!

If you are not yet a part of your communities’  revolution, we invite you to join us as a part of this ongoing pursuit.  Even if you are not an artist following your “Artist Steps,” you can still make a big difference in your area. Even though in-person artistic communication is still in its early stages, please support and participate in the local creative virtual experiences available to you.

Follow Your Passion

We are in a period in our country in which support for the arts is needed now more than ever. Because of the many potholes all of us do our best to avoid in a day to day manner, the arts are a way to find hope to keep moving forward. With the arts as our guide we are in good hands. Step by step the process continues!

Art and Bullies


It was already very difficult to follow the steps to an inspiring creative career, but now add to that the challenges put forth by the Pandemic, and you have all across the nation needing to adapt to the limitations they have available to them.


And some things do not cease in response to those brave enough to film, paint and write their work and then put it out in front of an audience. In that audience are people who, for whatever reason, feel the need to slash into bits the work that artists create.

What Causes it?

But as the saying goes, “Everyone is entitled to their opinion,” and because folks have more time on the internet, they are definitely letting it be known how they are responding to the art being made with cyber bullying. No one quite understands why the need to be negative is practiced. Some believe that those who overtly criticize in a cruel way, do so out of some kind of jealousy or, yes, bad parenting.

Proceed Regardless

That’s why artists of all kinds, taking steps forward, need to realize that access to the web means that critics have more time on their hands to participate in hate speech. Sometimes this crosses the line, even for veteran haters, who are encouraged to understand that creativity is engaged in by making themselves vulnerable. So if you are an artist taking “artist steps” forward, this is a friendly reminder that haters are are in much pain, but regardless, you still need to develop a thick skin and proceed with creating regardless.

Yianni Stamas Dives into Fun that Artists Can Have For Today


Can You Guess What Today is Also Known as?

The fact is that many artists here in New York City during this time of the rich fleeing from the city, are young. So rather than offer up steps you can take today, we are inviting you to make it a fun day. For me, one of the most fun things to do, is eat chocolate. If this is you then you are in the right place. Because today is not just December 16, it is also “National Chocolate Covered Anything Day!”

Love Those Fermented Seeds

The fact that it is “National Chocolate Covered Anything Day,” means you can have a day of gorging on things that contain  Theobroma Cacao, you know ground cocoa beans, those dried and fermented seeds of the evergreen tree native to the deep tropical region of the Americas…Chocolate!

Today’s Plan

I don’t know about you but that sounds good to me. We have a long tradition in my family of being chocolate eaters. I know what I am going to be doing today. How about you?!

Sneaker Steps on the Red Carpet

Taking Artist Steps

It is sneaker steps on the red carpet. One of the series of steps an artist can take is when those steps are on the red carpet. But who the red carpet is put up by is less important than the steps themselves.

One of the Best Awards Shows Out There

In this brief blog entry we will be discussing an entity that has gained respect in many circles and has been on the red carpet several times thanks to the Platinum PIAs Awards.

Amount of Updating

DIYdigi is back in a big way. When the website first came on the scene there was a lot of excitement about it. The blog was updated nearly every day. One of the best ways of measuring the amount of energy being put into a website’s blog is by seeing how often it is updated.

Back to Us

DIYdigi is in that model right now and one of the ways we know this to be true is the fact that it is featuring featuring links today that will lead you back to us.

Put What On?

This is the DIYdigi red carpet in motion. Want to take the artist steps on the artist step carpet? Put on those sneakers!

Success Go Get It

Your Point of View

So, you want to have the success of a Bill Gates or a Mark Zuckerberg? The secret to doing this is to do what they did: seeing a great need in the marketplace and then presenting it. Look for problems or opportunities and seize them, show your point of view and plans for surpassing it.

Draw Them In

You may have noticed in the prior description we used three words that relate to marketing. They include marketplace, present and show. You see in order to get on track as a billionaire you need lots of help. You will often draw others into your domain by clearly showing them a proposal that makes them want to get involved. Presenting this to them can result in them wanting to work with you.

Your Vision for the Marketplace

It is really as simple as showing the problem in the marketplace and then presenting to them your solution and their involvement in it.

Testing Your Ideas

You may not need to immediately involve others. There is research and testing you can do prior, such as tweaks to your website, leading to the analyzation of what you are proposing. You can check page popularity for answers to some questions. The same thing goes for your email list is you have one. Try subject lines in emails you send out and pay attention to the response. How many clicked open, or who then clicked the links within the message.

Uncovering a Key

Use whatever you have at your disposal to test out your ideas. Are you curious as to what may be areas to look into for your billion dollar idea? Areas might include industries in need of new solutions. These could be wireless electricity, data storage, energy storage, better systems for things such as water filtration, or how about antigravity? None of these interest you? That’s okay. You have a great idea lingering the back of your mind even if you do not know it yet.

Mission Artists

The Nonprofit Connection

Thus far, Artist Steps at ArtistSteps.org is one of the sites that use a “.org” extension. This is often done for websites and blogs that have some kind of nonprofit connection or are nonprofits themselves.

Helping Those in Need

A nonprofit organization is one that does not do what they do for profits but instead raise money to serve and assist those who are in need.

Mission: Help Artists

Although Artist Steps is technically not a nonprofit, it takes an interest in artist of all kinds who want to make a difference with their creativity.

Being Creative

Now moving forward, we still have about two hundred words to do today to moving forward so we are going to give you some very useful secrets of the creative process.

The biggest secret of all is that creativity is actually not something to worry about. You are always creative even if you don’t think you are. Just think of all the parts that make up you.

You are walking around and doing what you do daily, and all the while you have a thought process. This thought process, if pointed at your creative goals, will enable you to make creative choices. Very simple, indeed.

So why not try it right now. Or maybe don’t actually do the physical chunk about to be unfolded. Imagine it instead.

Let’s imagine that you are writing an eBook as we are right now. What topic would make sense for you next. Think through the kinds of topics you have had in your lifetime. Pick one that you like. Now look at what you are intending to write about. See if you can meld your idea of a topic and what you are bout to write about, Get an image for it now. We are thinking that we want to cheer you on. So maybe some cheerleading image would be appropriate. Let’s explore usplash.com for some ideas.

A New Marketing eBook that We Just Read the Preview of

Profitable for Your Business

Last time we took a look at what it takes to create an eBook, so it made sense that this go around we explore an actual eBook product that is soon to hit the marketplace. The eBook is entitled “Create Profitable Marketing” and as the title implies it is about how to create marketing that is profitable for your business.

Worth the Investment

We saw aspects of what we liked and what we didn’t like. For example one thumbs down was the organization of it. It seemed like it had been thrown together, thrown together passionately though. Despite its shortcomings, even if you get just one little marketing gem, Create Profitable Marketing is well worth the investment.

Three Steps

And we believe you will find something in these pages that will be useful to you. It is clear that a real marketer wrote it, a marketer who may not be much of an other but one who gives a lot in the eBook’s pages. And it is a good fit for being reviewed on this website because like Artist Steps where we are always looking for step by step, Create Profitable often comes back to this concept. Specifically the “thesis” if you will is that much of the books lessons come down to just three steps!

Steps to Create Your Own Nonfiction eBook Product

What are the steps to creating your own nonfiction eBook?

  1.  Know your material or do research.
  2. Figure out a writing schedule and stick to it.
  3. When completed it is not over yet, get it edited.
  4. Make sure your selected images are relevant.
  5. Either find a website that sells your type of book or sell it yourself.
  6. Track sales.
  7. Marketing. Marketing. Marketing

So as you can see it is not a difficult series of steps, so why haven’t you done it yet?!

Steps to Create and Promote Your Blog

Do You Want to Increase the Power of Your Blog?

As you’ve probably noticed we are big on steps when it comes to this website. Hence the name ArtistSteps.org. A nice example of steps in action can be found on one of our favorite websites as of late. It is called DIYdigi and they have an article from today that clearly lays out the process to create and promote your blog.

Areas Explored

Do you have a blog? Do you want a blog? Both of these areas are explored in the post.


Just to let you know, they do mention their own products and services that are available, but there is enough information of value that this concern falls by the wayside. Or who knows, maybe you’ll want what they offer!